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Why should I insure my pet?

One of the hardest positions we find ourselves in, is when a client is unable to afford the high treatment cost (understandably so in some cases) and the owner has to opt for a less effective treatment option. That's where pet insurance can provide that peace of mind that you do not have to make these difficult decisions, allowing you to focus on caring for your pet.

Insurance Claims

Indirect claims

We politely request that all clients settle their account in full at the end of their pet’s treatment. Upon receipt of payment, we will process the insurance claim so that your insurance company can reimburse you. We will endeavour to do this within 7 working weekdays providing that you have completed the relevant policyholder sections. This is called an Indirect Claim. We will require you to provide us with the appropriate claim form that you have completed and signed.

We will complete the veterinary sections and send your claim form to your insurers. We require a separate claim form for each condition you wish to claim for. We will provide any case histories or other information your insurance company requests in order to process your claim. Your insurance company will reimburse you the fees covered by the policy, less any excesses or non-insured costs. No administration fee is charged for processing indirect claims.

Direct Claims

Under exceptional circumstances and by prior agreement we may deal directly with insurers. This will incur an admin fee. Any excess must be paid in advance of a claim form prior to your treatment.

General Insurance information


This is a payment which must be paid by you, regardless of whether you are making an Indirect or Direct Claim.

  1. An excess is charged per condition.
  2. If your policy runs into a new policy year while making a claim you may be required to pay another excess.
  3. Some policies charge a percentage excess over and above any fixed excess. This percentage excess must again be paid by you.
  4. Some insurance companies do not cover certain items (e.g. prescription diets) or “cap” the amount they will pay for certain treatments.
  5. Please ensure you have read and understood your full insurance policy schedule before bringing your pet for treatment.

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