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We are delighted to offer you our preventative care plan, Pet Health for Life. A convenient and affordable package to meet your dog or cat's preventative healthcare needs.

Pet Health for Life offers comprehensive care from our friendly team at Parkhill Vets and offers great value for money throughout your pet’s lifetime by spreading the cost of your pet’s preventative healthcare.

Sign up online today from as little as £19 per month and relax knowing that your pet’s essential treatments are up to date and their healthcare is covered!

We have designed the plan utilising the best available products to ensure your pet remains healthy throughout the year.

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How can I sign up to Pet Health For Life?

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Signing up online is easy! Simply click the sign-up button below and follow the step-by-step instructions on the next screen. Once you’ve signed up, your pet can start using some of our Pet Health for Life benefits straightaway!

Puppies, kittens, adult dogs and cats can be registered on the plan at any time. The plan is a 12-month subscription, taking care of your pet’s preventative care needs.

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What does the Pet Health for life plan cover?

  • Annual health check and vaccinations including kennel cough for dogs
  • All year-round flea, tick and worming treatment including lungworm in dogs and ear mites in cats
  • 2 x consultations with a Vet*
  • 2 x consultations with a Nurse*
  • 10% off neutering
  • Microchipping
  • Nail clipping** (as required, subject to availability)
  • Anal gland expression** (as required, subject to availability)


What does the Pet Health for Life Plan cost?

The Pet Health for Life Plan has been priced to offer fantastic value with the option to spread the cost with low monthly direct debit payments. Our available plans are shown below:

Cat Plan

£19 (per month)

Dog Plan (Under 25kg)

£22 (per month)

Large Dog Plan (Over 25kg)

£26 (per month)

Sign up online today

Pet Health for Life is not a pet insurance policy.

The product is a way to spread the cost of routine preventative pet care at the recommended annual doses, however, it does not cover the costs of veterinary care for unexpected illness or injury to your pet. We recommend taking out separate pet insurance for this. All treatment is subject to clinical assessment and need.

New Pet Health for Life Plans signed up on or after 11th October 2023, your Terms of Service are here.

If you have joined before 11th October 2023, to view our Healthcare Plan terms of service click here.

*Terms of service apply. Click here for full terms of service

**Nail clipping and anal gland expression will be provided when appropriate and as part of a wider appointment.


Pet Health for Life Plan FAQs

How do I sign up to a plan?

You can sign up online here or in the practice. You can easily find our online sign up by scanning the QR code on our posters or leaflets. Alternatively, please speak to our team who would be happy to help.

Can I get a plan for my puppy or kitten?

Yes, the plan is available for puppies and kittens. If you are signing up online, please sign your kitten up to the “cat plan” or your puppy up to their expected adult weight dog plan. i.e. if you have a large breed puppy expected to reach over 25kg as an adult, sign them up to a “large dog plan”.

If your puppy doesn’t grow as expected, the plan can be adjusted.

Does the plan cover the healthcare for multiple pets?

The plan provides the annual preventative healthcare provision for one pet. If you have multiple pets, you will need to sign up each pet individually to receive the full benefits for each pet.

Is the plan also insurance?

No, the Pet Health for Life plan is not pet insurance. The plan is designed to provide your pet with the preventative healthcare they need for the year. We strongly advise all our clients to take out separate insurance for each of their pets to cover for illness or injury.

Can I pay annually instead of monthly?

Yes, we can set up an annual direct debit. Please ask our team when you sign up. This option is also available when you sign up online.

Can I use all the benefits on the day I join?

Yes, some benefits can be collected on the day of joining, however there is a limit to what can be given as outlined in the Terms Of Service. Please also be aware that the flea and worm products we provide on the plan are prescription only medications and as such are subject to veterinary approval. Your pet may require a check over with the vet before the product can be dispensed and veterinary appointments are subject to availability at the time of sign up.

Flea and worming treatments will be dispensed at regular intervals throughout the year and a maximum of 3 months’ treatment can be dispensed at any one time. This allows us to monitor your pet’s health and weight.

How will the direct debit appear in my bank statement?

We work with our technology partner, My Pet Portal (MPP), to administer the Direct Debit. Our practice is part of Linnaeus Veterinary Limited and your banking notification at the plan set up may display as such. Each transaction will show as “Parkhill Vets”.

Can I change the date my direct debit is collected?

Depending on the day you signed up to the first payment will be collected on either the 1st or 15th of the month. All subsequent payments are collected on 1st of the month. We cannot currently facilitate payments on different days in the month.

I haven’t collected all the products and/or services that I’m entitled to for my pet this year, can it be carried over until next year?

The Pet Health for Life plan is designed to provide the preventative healthcare your pet requires for the year. This is an annual subscription model and as such we cannot facilitate carrying over products to the following year.

We want to provide the best care for you and your pet and we have a reminder system available to contact you when your pet is due treatment. If you are not receiving this communication, please speak to our team.

I am relocating. Can I continue my plan at a different practice?

No, unfortunately it is not currently possible to transfer your plan to another practice.

I have a complaint/query. Who should I contact?

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