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We have three separate kennel wards: a dog ward, a cat ward, and an isolation ward.

Cat Kennels

Having separate kennel areas provides a much calmer experience for all inpatients (which is helped by having Adaptil and Feliway calming diffusers).

The cat ward is well insulated, which helps maintain a good temperature as well as noise seclusion.

We also provide each and every inpatient with clean comfy bedding, a litter tray (which is kept fresh at all times) and lots of TLC. We understand that some cats are a little worried when they stay with us, so we are attentive and provide them with a hide away to help them feel more secure.

Dog Kennels

Dogs come in various shapes and sizes and so do our kennels!

With 3 walk-in kennels, 3 medium kennels and 5 smaller kennels, we can house any size dog comfortably and safely.

Our Shor-Line kennels are made from insulated stainless steel, which allows us to maintain a high level of cleanliness and comfort for our patients, whether they are in for a day or hospitalized for a week.

Isolation Kennels

If a dog that requires intensive treatment is contagious and at risk of infecting other patients, we place them in a separate isolation ward to reduce the risk of cross contamination to other in patients.

The kennel is self-sufficient with a separate air supply and heating system. We frequently use barrier nursing methods in this unit.

Although it is isolated from the rest of the wards, we ensure that patients don’t feel too lonely. Our dedicated team of nurses visits them for close monitoring, medication, and plenty of love and attention.

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